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See below for answers to common questions regarding the SmartCap. For complete details on assembly and installation, please download the instructions or watch our Assembly & Installation video.

For roughly the same weight as Fiberglass, stainless offers many advantages. According to online published maximum weight capacities, SmartCap can hold almost 50% more weight than most fiberglass caps, both in motion and when parked. It's more resistant to damage and easier to repair if you do ding it up. Because of its 5-piece modular design, you can replace a panel should you damage one bad enough, letting you avoid costly fiberglass repair bills and lengthy downtimes. Plus, you can purchase it online and have it sent directly to your home. Finally, because it's built from steel, you can structurally engineer larger openings for GullWing doors that allow for easier access to your cargo.

You bet it is! Each of the five panels that make up the SmartCap’s modular design are made of automotive grade steel.

SmartCaps, the Bed Replacement System, and our SmartCap Components are all built out of a combination of 1.0, 1.2 & 1.4 mm 3CR12 grade stainless steel.

The individual panels are welded, then bolted together during final assembly.

We don’t currently have that in our plan, but it is certainly something we can bring up to the team. We would suggest signing up for our email list – Join the Tribe, as we’ll be sending out any updates to that list.

To get updates on the status of your order, please contact the Dealer you purchased your SmartCap product from, or you can send an email to our Customer Support Team, and they will work to get you sorted.

We are currently in the development of a new locking/latching mechanism that will have the ability to be opened from inside the cap, as well as address the freezing issues that some customers in colder climates have experienced. They are designed to be easily retrofitted to our current caps, and we expect them to be ready for release sometime later this year.

While it is possible that at some point we’ll look to add 8ft applications, at this time our current product development plans only extend to the Standard Beds (6’5”-6’8”). You may want to sign up for our email list – Join the Tribe If we do end up adding them, we’ll announce it (and other news and product info) to that list first.

The best way to get you sorted is to complete a Warranty Service Request This will open a ticket for our Customer Support Team so they can assist you, as well as track this issue to help us work to keep it from happening in the future.

For the time being no, but we would encourage you to check back next year. It is our intention to offer this accommodation.

All SmartCaps have Universal Roof Rails on top of the cap that incorporates four M8 square weld nuts per side to use as attachment points. We would suggest you check with your local dealer to determine whether your specific rack will work. And if you don’t already have a rack, we also have great options that are designed specifically for our caps.

We currently offer our SmartCap EVO Sport and EVOa Adventure in Matte Black, and our EVOc Commercial SmartCaps in OEM White. There has been discussion about possibly rolling out a custom color program sometime in the future, but nothing definitive on that yet. Some of our customers have done vinyl wraps or had their caps painted by an auto body shop.

Yes, when a SmartCap EVO is properly assembled and installed, it will be watertight and virtually dust-free. However, in some cases, water has been known to leak in through the truck bed due to gaps between the inner and outer skins, or uneven surfaces between the bulkhead (front panel) and the sides of the bed. To combat the latter, we provide a foam strip for you to apply to fill the gap due to those height differences.

With the supplied struts that come with the EVOa Adventure, the MOLLE panels on the Gullwing Doors are built to handle approximately 25 lbs. and still have the door open and close properly. If you need to put more weight than that on the panels, you will need to increase the size of the struts to support the weight.

We use M8-1.25 stainless steel square weld nuts.

We use M8-1.25 x 20mm button head screws. The bolt can’t be longer than 20mm as it will dent the roof panel on the outside while tightening.

Yes. You can send an email to our Customer Support Team, and they will work to get you sorted.

Our website lists the weights and dimensions for each product, on the page for that specific product. See the drop-down tab titled “Specifications”.

Our lead times vary greatly, depending on which product and application you are interested in. Some of the more popular products (like the SmartCaps for the Gladiator & Tacoma) are up to 6 months or more. However, we have some products for certain applications that are available to purchase directly from our website and can be delivered to your home or local dealer in as little as 24 hours.

You can check out the differences between the 3 SmartCap models on the “Which SmartCap is right for you?” page, on our website


You have options when it comes to ordering a SmartCap. If we have the product in inventory, there will be a “BUY” button next to the application on our website, and you can order directly from there. If the application says “Backorder”, you can place a back-order with one of our Dealers at By placing a backorder, it will hold your place in line for when those products become available.

While the max load rating is 770lbs static weight and 330 lbs. when in motion, the real question has to do with how much weight can a person lift to get it from its lowered position to back on top of the cap? Much more than 75 to 100 pounds is going to be difficult to safely lift. If you have heavier loads, we recommend directly loading it with the rack in its locked position on top of the cap.

Unfortunately not. SmartCaps are designed to fit specific application dimensions. Even though the beds might be similar, there is enough difference that the integrity of the cap would not be maintained, which may cause the cap not to function correctly. This could cause leaking, wear damage, etc. As we are just launching our products in North America, it is possible that once we’ve completed our initial offering we may look at adding some of the older applications to our lineup. If we do, we’ll announce it via our email subscriber list - Join the Tribe You may want to sign up for that list and stay up to date on all things SmartCap.

While at first glance you may think we are quite a bit more expensive, the moment you price out a fiberglass cap with a similar feature-set to the SmartCap, you’ll find the price difference is much lower than it appears, and in some cases, we are actually less expensive. Our standard features include: stainless steel five-piece modular construction, a Positive Pressure Air Vent, integrated Universal Roof Rails capable of carrying a load up to 770 lbs. static & 330 lbs. dynamic, Cargo Light Portal Window (full-size trucks only), front cab slider window (EVO Sport and EVOa), large Gullwing side doors with hidden hinges, keyed-alike locks, and flush-mounted sliding vent windows (EVO Sport), and the ability to remove it in as little as 15 minutes.

SmartCaps are designed so that the tallest point of the cap is almost exactly (if not exactly) the same as the crown (or tallest point) of the truck’s cab that they are designed to fit.

There has been discussion regarding the addition of applications for other brands into our lineup (ex. Nissan, Honda, Rivian), but nothing has been decided yet. We would suggest that you sign up for our email subscriber list – Join the Tribe, as we’ll be sending out any product releases and updates to that list.

A metric M8 set screw will fit into the t-slots in the cross bars. The set screw head is 5.3 mm thick. The set screw does not need to be longer than 20mm in length to be able to add an eye nut to create a tie-down point.